All You Need To Know About Google Glass

Google Glass is voice controlled and wearable display which consists of eyeglasses and displays information through user’s field of vision. The Google glass is a gadget which works on Android operating system and can run apps which are called as glassware that is already optimized for that device. These glasses resemble the built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity along with the camera for taking pics and videos.

Google glasses are developed by Google X, which is Google’s futuristic lab as the name project glass in the year 2012 and made it available for testers and developers in early 2013. These glasses are capable of providing you the reality experience by the means of video, audio, and other relevant information. These glasses can be operated through the touchscreens or via voice commands.

Features and Advantages:

Powerful Hardware

Google Glass resembles with Wi-Fi, GPS, Camera and Bluetooth, microphone, gyroscope, and touch pads. You can access the internet, and Google Now features as information about news, cricket and airplane timings etc. just on your fingertips.

Voice Command

Google glass is featured with voice input features which make it more credible. It consists of a built-in microphone with Google Now feature that connects your device directly to the google.

You can activate the voice command just by saying “Okay Glass” and then ask your question. You can do the same also jus by tilting your head up.

OS Compatibility:

Google glasses has extraordinary features that it does not need any specific OS smartphones to connect with. That simply means it does not work with only Android Operating service but also compatible with iPhones. Along with these features, there is a GPS chip inside the Google Glass which works with the help of WI-FI or the mobile connectivity to explore the features.

While connecting it to your smartphone you can access the total notifications of social networks and other messenger’s notifications like from hangouts, WhatsApp etc.

True Locations

As we have previously described that the Google glasses are loaded with built-in GPS chip, you can navigate throughout the world with the help of Google Maps. SO basically you will not need to look your smartphone each time when you opt for navigation. It can be very handy at the time when you are driving and walking through the crowded streets or moving on any unknown area throughout the world.

This can be extremely useful for the travelers, and other pilgrimages who visit for any unknown places and they will not need to stop and check their smartphones for the directions and navigations.

Google glass can be very helpful for you if you want to live in the moment. You can capture any of the stills and moments just by saying “take a photo”. And you have not to stop what you are doing, the pic will be captured automatically and same will be for the process of videos.

Along with these features, you can use Google hangouts for Group conference and use a webcam chat with your data connection either from Wi-Fi or from a smartphone.

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The Best Anonymous Email Providers and Practices

Everyone has started thinking more along the lines of being anonymous online lately, and your email is one key area of this. Why use a service for everything you do just for it to track you? Why send important documents from an email that someone can easily find attached to your name? The risks, and ease of hacking many of the top providers, is just too great to not be smart when you need to be.

But wait a minute! You’re a good, upstanding citizen with nothing to hide. You even squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom …what could you possibly need an anonymous email provider for?

Why do people use anonymous email?

There are many perfectly law-abiding reasons why someone would want to use an anonymous email provider:

  • Contacting a divorce lawyer, or any lawyer of any kind? Well you’ll want to keep this separate from your main, and well known, email as someone could be tracking it.
  • Researching a story for work? Using your main email can see you hacked by a competitor with all of your research stolen.
  • Sign up for a lot of websites? Cut down on the amount of spam sent to your account by signing up for an anonymous, and temporary, email. Now the sites you signed up for can’t leak your main email address, cutting down on spam dramatically.
  • Complaining about a product? Send feedback without worry of facing any repercussion. It can be hard to tell the truth when you worry it can come back at you.
  • Wanna be a whistleblower? You may not be Edward Snowden, but you could probably use a little protection if you need to blow the whistle on a violation of a company, or person, you know.
  • Contacting your local police? You saw a crime being committed by some bad folks, but you’re scared it could be traced back to you. Send an anonymous email so you don’t face reprisals from the baddies.

Those are 5 perfectly valid, law-abiding, reasons to use an anonymous email provider. Let’s look at how to use one, and then list 10 which work well.

The first step in using email anonymously

Ok, using an anonymous email provider is one step in a longer process. If you truly want to send an anonymous email you have to first use a VPN. This online tool will hide your IP address. IPs, are, basically, the single most easily identifiable piece of information about you. If you don’t hide it, you’re not gaining any privacy at all.

If you’re new to VPNs, choose one with an easy to understand client to make your life easier. Once you’re connected to your VPN provider, open a private window with your browser of choice. This will help keep cookies from tracking your movements across the web. Don’t be lazy though, using this tactic alone will not do much to protect you.

Sending emails without registration

There are different levels of ‘anonymous’, or private, email providers out there. One of them is emails which do not require any registration. This prevents people from being able to track it back to your main email. This works great for when you only need an email temporarily, such as those whistleblowers out there.

Here are 4 which work:

1. Anonymous Email: This tool works off of ads, so you will be shown some and blocked if you have Ghostery or an ad blocking tool on. You can send an email one-way by entering the recipient’s email address and your message, and there is an option for a reply to.

2. Cyber Atlantis: Another tool which will strip out your IP address, giving you another layer of protection. Still no replacement for a VPN as your IP address from landing on the site could, potentially, be traced. Very simple interface as well.

3. GILC’s W3 Remailer: This is a remailer tool is from the Global Internet Liberty Campaign, formed in 1996, has left this tool up. It doesn’t look like they’ve done much since 2003, so use it knowing it’s a dinosaur gathering dust.

4. Send Email: It doesn’t get much more basis than this one. All it requires is an address to send to, a subject, and the email body. An optional reply to is set up. Everything is handled in a black, white, and blue interface that keeps the site running swiftly.

There are others out there, but these 4 have been around a long time and show no signs of going anywhere. If all you need to do is send an email, and not receive, they’re a perfect choice. Just connect to your VPN, point your browser to one of them, and send what you need to send.

Sending and receiving anonymous emails

Sometimes you want to both send and receive anonymous email. I’ve personally used one of these tools while reporting crime in my area, fearing reprisal if it was ever traced back to me. I sent an email to my local precinct (at the time, this was a lifetime and continent ago), and kept the email client open incase they asked for more details.

Emails that will allow you to both send and receive encrypted emails include:

1. Guerilla Mail: Not only is the service anonymous, but you can also set it up to ‘self destruct’ after a certain amount of time. To make it more likely that it beats spam filters, both digital and human, you can change the address on both sides of the @ symbol to make it as ‘real’ looking as you wish.
2. Secure Mail: Pretty much exactly the same as Guerilla mail in customization, but also adds a 4096-bit encryption key. They don’t self destruct, and you do have to sign up with a password. You’ll need to create a passphrase you can remember or write it down in only the most secure of places. Like the inside of your cheek…
3. My Trash Mail: Another temporary email address provider which has been around for some time. All accounts eventually expire and are deleted as this was originally set up to protect against spam.

4. Discard.Email: Once known as Spambog, this anonymous email provider has a wide range of domains to choose from, and allows you to choose your own handle. Emails in your inbox last for 30 days, after that they are digitally gone forever.

The point of all of these anonymous email providers is that they allow you to both send and receive email. Their temporary nature makes it so you have to be a bit flexible on remembering new sign in details, but the price of anonymity is often a bit of extra work.

Stay anonymous when sending email

Communication that is private is a basic human right, and has been so for years. How we have gone from governments needing a warrant to listen to a phone call, with strict parameters on what can be listened to, to a surveillance program which can monitor anything being said by anyone, is beyond comprehension. Add hackers and online spam into the mix and it’s no wonder that anonymous emails aren’t already a much more common thing.

Follow the steps above, make sure you’re using your VPN to connect with giving away your IP address, and use the email provider above which best suits your needs.

Guest Author: Marcus is the security writer for Best VPN You can catch his weekly blog post on security and privacy related matter every Wednesday. If you’re into downloading, he does a weekly column on the week’s most downloaded films every Friday. Follow the @BestVPNs Twitter account for breaking news in the world of online privacy and security.



How to Prepare for Google’s Penguin 4.0 Update

The Caged Monster is now Out & Live but Tamed! Good news for the internet users as Google released the Penguin 4.0 update recently. Let’s have a look what this version has in stores for you.

For anyone who has previously been penalized knows its wrath, Penguin is now a part of the Core Ranking Algorithm, now no more new updates are going to be released.

What is Penguin 4.0?

Penguin is the name used to represent the Algorithm used by Google to penalize websites violating its guidelines so as to refine and enhance its search result. It was released to separate high-quality websites from the low quality ones. This was done in order to search results more relevant and give a better experience to the users.

What’s new in this update?

With the arrival of Penguin 4.0, Google is going to make following changes:

  • Penguin 4.0 is now a part of Core Ranking Algorithm-This means that the monster will not be periodically released from its cage, now it will refresh regularly and no periodic updates will show up.
  • It is now real time-Which means that results will appear soon and recovery time will be significantly reduced for a penalized website.
  • From now on it will affect a website at all levels, meaning that pages, folders, domains and keywords can face its impact, due to which a penguin penalty on a very small level would be difficult task to detect.
  • As the Algorithm would function more granularly, so now it will function like a filter, which means it will filter out the Spammy part of the website, and not block the whole website as earlier it used to block the whole website. If a particular page of your website is penalized then it will not penalize the whole website as it will act only upon that particular section of the website.

The Pros and Cons of Penguin 4.0


  • As the algorithm is real time, so the changes will get recognized by Google at a faster rate and you can stabilize your rankings easily.
  • Outranking Spammers will be easy, as this update will penalize the websites using Black Hat Techniques and Spamming so if you are doing quality work then you will rank sooner and higher.
  • The Long Wait is Over- Earlier a Website penalized by Penguin had to wait till the next update to completely recover from the penalty, but now as the Algorithm is a part of the Core, so recovering from penalty will be a fast.
  • Earlier it used to affect the whole website, even if a particular page was Spammy, but from now on it will affect a only that particular page or section of a website.


  • Now each and Every mover requires double care, as the Algorithm is real time and it can quickly detect the bad/spam work done on a particular website.
  • Making low quality links in huge numbers earlier used to give benefits, but now as Google is focusing on the resource of the link, this means that quality is the priority.
  • Regularly auditing Backlinks and making changes in SEO strategy will be required as unnatural links can do a lot of harm.

How to know if your Website is at a risk?

If the Google Crawler is regularly visiting your website then it is a clear indication that you can be at a risk.

While nobody knows that if Penguin has fully rolled out or now, till then you can save your website by thoroughly checking the following points:

  • Backlinks-Check if they are natural or unnatural, or coming from a low quality source.
  • If your website has suddenly vanished from Search Engine or your ranking is going low, or fluctuating.
  • If Web Pages of your website are not being indexed, even if you are getting them cached.

How to recover?

If you are affected or have sensed that you can be affected after having a look at the above mentioned points then you do not need to panic as make the following changes:

  • Delete or use Disavow tool to remove harmful Backlinks
  • Remove the irrelevant Keywords from your website, and check Keyword Density for being repetitive.
  • Focus on Quality, Use White Hat Techniques and create genuine Backlinks.


This update is beneficial for all doing quality work using White Hat Techniques and strictly following rules as their work will get recognized and their website would rank soon while the spammers will have to face a hard time. If you want to know how to rank high and want to learn Search Engine techniques then you can get SEO Industrial Training from us.

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Apps & Software

Why The Mobile App Designing Should Be Creative And Attractive?

One of the best methods for application development is to emerge should be self-evident and clear to the developer, but there are examples of numerous application engineers who don’t invest almost enough energy and time in it. What an application looks like is the principal perspective that viewers notice – even before they download it and positively before they test it out and perceive what its capacities are. That underlying visual impression influences the whole user experience and will probably determine a definitive accomplishment of an application.

In case have any doubt about the idea of creative application and its importance; simply take a look at Apple Inc. Numerous individuals don’t understand that, in spite of that fact that this is now becoming a pioneer in the business, Apple was really not the primary organization to give mobile OS or mobile applications. Before iOS, there were many others like Palm OS, Windows CE, Symbian, and BlackBerry OS. But still, Apple immediately surpassed the opposition in the mobile sector. This was on the grounds that iOS just looked better.

Building your first Mobile App


Mobile application news and trends

Application designers must stay educated of Mobile application designing trends to stay away from getting left behind. The requirement for Mobile applications has reached to the slow-to-change business and industries, for example, banking. U.K. bank Barclays put resources into private cloud and Linux assets to take care of Mobile banking application advancement and development. Barclays is not by any means the only organization consolidating cloud assets and Mobile application advancement.

Mobile application improvement strategy

Planning a mobile application strategy is like making the plans for Web applications, and most of the issues and tasks are the same. Some new snags arise with time. While including another mobile application, architect need to inquire whether the company needs to design its own application or get one from a third-party engineer or developer. Outsourcing a Mobile application can become great cost saving option for basic applications, for example, promotional games or marketing. It has the benefit of taking the Mobile application project off the group’s schedule rapidly and effortlessly. Nevertheless, this methodology may not be a best fit for applications that need to get to corporate information or different assets behind the firewall.

Mobile application development and designing skills:

Company’s mobile application development doesn’t require a totally separate skillset from what Web application designers already know. There are some new skills and aptitudes for Mobile designers, and a large group of upgraded best practices, some new ideas to concentrate on, new parts of application designing and mobile ALM.

Cloud Computing Services And Mobile Applications

From numerous points of view, Mobile applications and cloud computing are made for each other. Mobile applications ordinarily have an extensive heap of server-side information access and computing needs that stem from a continually changing number of clients. The on-demand and elasticity nature of cloud assets makes cloud alluring to mobile application developers.

Mobile application lifecycle management (ALM)

Numerous application designers are discovering the fact that Mobile application lifecycle management (ALM) is more efficient in the matter of corporate mobile applications. Mobile ALM is difficult as well which means that designers need to stay aware of speedier development cycles.

Mobile application security:

Since mobile application development lifecycles are so short, it can be hard to give each part of the Mobile application the consideration it needs. Mobile application designers need to convey working applications rapidly, and may neglect imperative defects in the Mobile application’s security. Designers should keep in mind the need to secure corporate information in Mobile applications. It’s critical for designers to know about the top Mobile security dangers and how to secure mobile applications against them. For example, the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) has started releasing particular rules for secure mobile designing.

Mobile application testing

Numerous companies either don’t perceive the significance of mobile application testing or else do not have the information to viably test these new applications. Testing mobile application is not the same as testing customary Web applications. Cell phones introduce new difficulties for Mobile application analyzers. It’s not only the mobile application’s code that should be tried. The way the application performs under certifiable conditions is what’s truly critical. The QA group needs to concentrate on a particular gadget highlights, geographic area, accessibility of management and different variables particular to cell phones. It regularly requires putting mobile application analyzers in the field.

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Business, Marketing

50 Content Marketing Tools That Will Boost Your Business

With various tools for content marketing widely-available, how do you select which ones to use for your business? Should you stick with the results-giving platform or is it time to try out new ones? Whatever your choice is, this list of digital tools can help you achieve a successful content marketing system.

Marketing & Data Tabulation

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool to measure your website’s traffic. Utilizing an advanced calculated metrics system, Google Analytics allows you to review the performance of your online campaigns or blog articles, tracking conversions and your viewers’ demographics – all through an in-depth analysis.

2. SumoMe

Rated one of the most popular and interactive content marketing tool, SumoMe uses a digital heat map to track what works and what doesn’t on your site. You can also optimize the Scroll Box or List Builder to increase your email marketing lists, which will boost your website’s traffic!

3. MailChimp

Promoting great content should not end with attracting visitors. Build a relationship by turning your visitors into subscribers. MailChimp lets you handle everything you need – mailing lists, email campaigns and responses/requests.

4. Compete

Here’s a super stealthy way to monitor your competition. Compete administers PRO self-service platform to help you gain more insight into your competitors’ progress by analyzing the effective websites and keywords based on metrics.

5. Youtube

Youtube’s accessibility and wide range of audiences makes it an excellent platform to showcase your product, tell a story and reach out to potential customers. And there’s nothing more powerful than establishing a successful engagement between the business and its audience.

6. Yoast

This is the coolest search engine optimization plugin for WordPress that boosts your SEO practices while increasing your content to its fullest potential with all big search engines.

7. Facebook

What started as a platform to connect with old friends has become an important digital instrument on improving content marketing results. Facebook’s Pay Per Post feature boosts the visibility of your page’s content – reaching even non-likers. And with the platform’s advanced data insights, you’ll get a clear picture of your audience’s demographics, interests and so forth, enabling you to create more focused content to your target niche.

8. Outbrain

All that effort behind powerful and great content is useless if it only reaches a few people, right? With Outbrain, you can surely build a bigger audience as it pushes visibility through promoted content suggestions. These are the recommended links which show in the “We Recommend” or “You May Also Like” section of websites and blogs. As content is promoted, it drives more engaged traffic and has the potential to attract more readers.

9. Taboola

Taboola, a close competitor of Outbrain, also ensures that content reaches the target audience via the right platforms. Taboola displays content in three ways – content widgets, native ads and hybrid (videos and slideshows) to provide links that readers will be drawn to click on. The advanced algorithm considers a variety of factors each time the audience loads a web page, filtering the context, social media trends, geography and many more.


Known as the link that knows all, enables you to shorten your URLs while gathering performance insights and audience intelligence – all through a simple, optimized link. Millions of brands are utilizing this powerful tool across a broad array of platforms – and you should, too.

11. MixPanel

MixPanel offers more than its standard features like retention analysis, funner reports and user segmentation. You can also set up A/B tests on your phone, generate in-app surveys and channel customized messages to users based on their behaviour.

12. Tagboard

Ever wondered how well your hashtags are doing? Tagboard tracks where your hashtags are used in real time while measuring the sentiment around them.


If you want a platform that keeps your content analytics in check, will do that for you, ensuring that your insights are easy to track so you can focus on building more engaging content for your audience.

14. PRWeb

Want to send out press releases to a wide range of journalists and subscribers? PRWeb is an easy-to-use syndication platform that allows you to distribute SEO-optimized press releases while monitoring its progress.

15. Cyfe

Cyfe brands itself as an all-in-one business dashboard app that enables you to easily evaluate all your business data from a bird’s eye view. With more than 200,000 satisfied users, Cyfe also acquires data from Google and Salesforce through an army of pre-built widgets.

16. Tweriod

Tweriod is a Twitter tool that analyzes the best time to push out your marketing content, and churns out a report outlining the best times to tweet.

17. Harvest

Keep up with your content marketing efforts with Harvest, a brilliant tool that tracks time through an advanced software so you can understand where you spend most of your time on and how to fortify your content creation efforts.

18. Pressly

If you’re looking for a central platform that allows you to connect with your team and community, share content and store your valuable content and contacts in one place – Pressly’s perfect for you.


19. Trello

Trello’s boards and cards make collaboration easy to list ideas, keep track of each task and create checklists. You can also add comments/labels, upload attachments and monitor the progress of your content marketing efforts.

20. Evernote

Evernote lets you stay organized wherever you are. Keep track of your tasks and content ideas while staying up to date on your editorial calendar. The app is also available for download across Apple and Android platforms.

21. Wunderlist

Procrastination takes a backseat as productivity pushes forward. Employing a beautiful interface, Wunderlist applies a fresh new spin on checklists. It’s a simple and effective new way to get things done while having all your tasks stored in one place.

22. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social management dashboard that lets you distribute content efficiently. Through this tool, you’ll be able to post across social media channels in a few clicks sans the hassle of visiting each account separately to check for updates. Hootsuite also lets you auto-schedule your posts for a consistent social media presence.

23. Buffer

Now you can schedule your content across LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to be posted at the best times. Buffer helps you streamline the process of content distribution more effectively.

24. Pinterest

With Pinterest, you can source for ideas and inspiration as well as organize your favorite content and resources from a slew of websites.

25. Google Drive

Write, share, export, communicate with the team, co-edit in real time – the best part of the toolset is that it’s free and very reliable!

26. Coschedule

Coschedule is a great tool because it enables you to conceptualize, organize and execute your marketing projects in one easy-to-navigate space.

27. Google Calendar

Make this your ultimate editorial and production calendar at work, because Google Calendar is an effective way to track, plan and organize all your meetings and tasks at hand.

28. Remember That Milk

Remember That Milk is well-integrated with Gmail, Twitter, Outlook, Google Calendar and Evernote to help you manage all your assignments seamlessly.

29. Pocket

This app allows you to bookmark videos, articles and other resources so you can have a look at them later.

Content Writing & Presentation

30. Google Docs

Google Docs ensures that you and your team are able to work on ideas in real-time. Necessary edits are made in multiple versions and Google Docs makes it easy to track changes and revisions with ease. This free tool enables you to insert links and images, and has a research tool to make sure content is presented in the best way possible!

31. Prezi

Visuals are everything these days. Prezi prides itself on delivering impeccable, outstanding content with a strong emphasis on creativity. Prezi ensures that your content is professionally packaged to appeal to your viewers, while communicating your ideas as effectively as possible.

32. Beegit

Beegit is amazing because it allows you and your team to work cohesively on projects, regardless of where you might be. It centralizes your team, calendar, communication and workflow all in one place.

33. Skyword

Businesses are hopping on the Skyword bandwagon because this content marketing tool offers various levels of content creation services, along with access to a broad array of writers and an exclusive partnership with Thomson Reuters for business intelligence, as well as Bigstock Imagery for quality stock photos.

34. ClearVoice

Clearvoice takes content creation and management to a whole new level, as it integrates a flexible workflow software with an inherent marketplace to unify and elevate the branding, content creation and publishing communities.

35. Contently

Contently applies smart technology to enable businesses to work with professional freelance writers.

36. allows you to produce and share infographics online with much ease. Choose from a broad selection of free infographic templates or upload your own.

37. XYDO

XYDO lets you design and curate editorial content with ease, and also assimilates very well with MailChimp to elevate your email marketing experience.

38. MindMeister

If you’ve always wanted a brain mapping tool to help you visualize the relationship between your ideas, MindMeister is the way to go!

39. Meme Generator

Memes add a comical twist to your content, boosting engagement among your audience. People love humor – so if you want to source some of the most popular memes online to accompany your articles, visit Meme Generator.


Don’t have Photoshop? That’s okay. effortlessly resizes images for you in a jiffy, and it’s extremely simple to use. You don’t need to be a tech expert to recreate the dimensions you want.

41. Issuu

For those looking to design online magazines and lookbooks, Issuu can help you with that. There’s no need for Adobe InDesign, because Issuu is a visually appealing tool that simplifies the designing structure to your preferences.

42. PowToon

Animated videos have proven to raise traction among viewers. With PowToon, you can create your own animated videos and presentations, which infuses a commercial appeal to your content.

43. Embedded Tweets

Now you can include live tweets within your online content! This increases credibility and interaction on your website. Embedded Tweets allows your readers to follow the author, reply, retweet and favorite the tweets – all from the convenience of the page.

44. Compendium

Compendium enables publishers to plan, produce, publish, promote and measure the effectiveness of their content.

Content Discovery

45. Reddit

Reddit seems to be a go-to site for entertainment. But for marketers, this community platform serves multiples uses for better SEO and content marketing. Navigate through subreddits and top/controversial tabs to discover trending topics that will help you generate content ideas. Participate in threads by upvoting, asking questions or leaving comments. Make sure to follow the rules of each subreddit or else you’ll get banned.

46. Twitter

Another tool for discovering content or generating ideas is Twitter. This social media platform allows you to search for trending topics worldwide or for a specific region. Write clear, compelling tweets, launch Twitter surveys and use relevant hashtags. Twitter enables you to have constant interaction with your audience.

47. BuzzSumo

Want to find out what’s making the headlines these days? Get on BuzzSumo! This effective content analysis tool elevates content discovery to a whole new level through its dynamic social search engine. You can save plenty of time scouring the internet for the latest trends, because BuzzSumo does it all for you!

48. Feedly

Thanks to Feedly, now you can include your favorite blogs and sites via RSS – hassle-free!

49. Google Keyword

One of the most powerful toTrendspottrols in the online hemisphere, Google Keyword helps you to search for keywords while comparing their rankings on Google. Lots of companies utilize this in marketing campaigns across blogs and websites.

50. Trendspottr

Trendspottr gives you insights on emerging trends on social media while signaling you on popular topics, trending hashtags and rising influencers. It’s also advanced enough to provide you positive and negative sentiment measurements for each trend it identifies.

51. Visme

Visme is a simple, drag-and-drop, presentation and data visualization software that’s completely online and free to use. Individuals, businesses and educators with little to no design knowledge seem to love it as we have over 300,000 active users utilizing it to communicate better in form of interactive Presentations, Infographics and forms of digital content.

When it comes to churning out effective marketing campaigns, you need writers who can seamlessly weave SEO values into the content while utilizing powerful content marketing tools to boost your brand’s presence in the digital world. In the world of content marketing, always keep in mind these four things for guaranteed results – useful content, promotion and campaigns, and customer engagement. And by using the right tools of content marketing, you’ll be able to push out content more effectively while staying on top of the game.

Guest authors: Ronica Valdeavilla and Carissa Gan are experienced in content marketing and understand the importance of effective content marketing in the digital era. They write for &, a leading services marketplace in Southeast Asia that utilizes advanced technology in bridging the gap between the community and service professionals.